“When a stranger smiles…”

This past summer, I was walking around town and snapping creative photos of one of my best friends.
Although photography is a passion of mine, sometimes it’s easy to lose the passion when it becomes a job. Every once in awhile, I ask my friends to let me take photos of them to keep my creativity alive.
(I’m lucky that my friends never seem to mind. In fact, they enjoy it.)

I was taking photos of my friend Danielle in a park when a woman walked by.

The woman was alone and stopped to watch the photo session in action. She was wearing sneakers, jeans, a jacket and a bandana on her head. She wasn’t carrying anything and didn’t seem to be headed anywhere in particular. She was completely amazed to watch us in action. She asked us what we were doing while throwing compliments at us.

Feeling her sense of excitement while watching us, my sarcastic self shouted, “Get on in there!” and with no hesitation, she unzipped her jacket, took the bandana off her head and sat right down next to Danielle. She was so excited to be part of a photoshoot.

She asked me where the photos would be posted, but noted she didn’t have a computer or a phone. I let her know they would be on my website if she was ever able to get around to viewing it. I slightly missed the focus in these photos being I was distracted by this heart-warming moment I was witnessing. There is no doubt we brightened her day. When a stranger smiles, when you know you’ve made a difference, you walk away with a smile too.

I hope one day she is able to see these.<3